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Lithium Battery Air Transport Services
Air Freight Main Route
Air Freight Operation Process
Air Freight Package Requirement
Lithium Battery Maritime Transport Services
Maritime  Main Route
Maritime  Operation Process
Maritime  Package Requirement
Lithium Battery Express Transport Services
Express Main Route
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Express Package Requirement
Lithium Battery Customs Clearance Services
Customs Clearance Process
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International warehousing services
Warehousing service area

1, Quote: 

In order to get accurate quotation, please provide the name, weight, size, packaging, destination airport, aging, other requirements (such as the need for clearance delivery).


to provide a complete air power of attorney, which contains: A consignor information, B consignee information, C destination airport and country name, D number, E cargo gross weight, F cargo volume, G goods English name, H freight unit price, I insurance requirements, J Remarks requirements, K delivery time and place, L whether there is a seal, signature, so that I Division required to booking;

3,Pick the cargo up: 

please provide accurate delivery address, delivery contacts, cargo information (weight, size, packaging, etc.), so that I arrange the Secretary for the appropriate car;

4,Confirm the bill of lading:

according to the preparation of the corresponding bill of lading sample, with the customer to confirm, to ensure the integrity of the contents of the bill of lading, accuracy;

5, Customs Clearance:

If the factory needs to make the general trade declaration, please provide the complete declaration information to the customs declaration (including: A customs declaration draft, B declaration power of attorney, C invoice, D packing list, E contract), customs clearance after release, and To the corresponding verification form;

6, charges:

confirm the cost of bills and arrange the payment;

7, Air Freight: 

in accordance with the scheduled flight, arrange the cargo on the plane as soon as possible.

8,Send the AWB:

Send the true Telex AWB or Original AWB to customer.