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Lithium battery cargo classfication

Dry batteries (dry battery) products:

1、nickel-metal hydride batteries (NI-MH);

2、nickel-cadmium batteries (NI-CD);

3、zinc-manganese dry battery (Zn-Mn);

4、alkaline batteries (AAA / AAAA);

Lithium batteries (Lithium battery) products:

1、polymer lithium battery (Li-po);

2、18650 cylindrical lithium batteries;

3、LiFePo4  battery (lifepo4);

4、mobile power bank(power bank);

5、car start power (car jump starter);

6、lithium battery electric vehicles (electric bike);

7、 electric balancing vehicles (segway);

8、electric scooter (scooter);

9、UPS power supply (UPS)

10、button batteries

11、Lithium metal battery

Lithium battery Product Category:

1、lithium ion battery, code PI965;

2、lithium ion battery packed with equipment, code PI966;

3、lithium ion battery contained in equipment, code PI967;

4、lithium metal battery,code PI968;

5、lithium metal battery packed with equipment:code PI969;

6、lithium metal battery contained in equipment, code PI970;